An announcement from CTAR’s CEO, Terry Hyde Ketchem

To All My REALTOR® Friends:

It is with a heart full of wonderful memories that I share with you that after more than 26 years as CEO of CTAR and MLS, I am planning to retire at the end of the first quarter of next year. As I begin planning my departure, you can be certain about one thing—the future of your Association is bright. We have an excellent staff, which is dedicated to providing you with the best services, resources and programs available. Our leadership team has never been stronger—we have the perfect mix of veteran REALTORS® who have seen this industry through the good and the bad, and a group of young professionals with fresh ideas, ready to bring our Association and MLS into the future. I am confident that I am leaving this position, and this Association, in the best possible hands.

My real estate roots run deep—my great grandfather was a REALTOR® and served as the 3rd President of our Association in 1909, and it has been an honor to carry on this tradition of being a good steward of the REALTOR® family. Our Association’s services, resources and support have grown at an amazing pace thanks to all the wonderful people who have given their time and talent over the years.

I’ve celebrated many milestones while at CTAR. My focus has always been on providing the best services, resources and support available to you, our members. As I developed the CTAR real estate school in 1987, my purpose was to provide you with access to premier education services—from your first day in pre-licensing or broker training to your ongoing continuing education courses, I wanted to ensure that you have the best training from the most experienced instructors. Education is a key component in the development of a successful REALTOR® and I wanted to make sure you were being well served. Our implementation of the Professional Standards Program was designed to give you the opportunity to attend comprehensive training programs focused on the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. We also developed dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration services in order to provide you with access to legal resources at no or minimal cost.

Many of you remember when the MLS was not accessed via computer, but upon arrival of the MLS books in your offices, which we produced monthly at the Association. With the rise of technology and later, the internet, we negotiated services to provide you with access to a real estate database with cutting-edge technology that has been the primary resource for more than a quarter million real estate transactions.

One of the primary keys to your success lies in your ability to simply conduct your business on a day-to-day basis. One of the most crucial services I believe we can provide on behalf of our members is to defend your rights as business owners in the legislative arena. Real estate is one of the most tightly regulated industries, and while there are beneficial aspects of regulation, we must remain vigilant that your ability to do business is not impeded by unnecessary restriction and legislation.

The overall economic stability, growth and development of the Charleston region depends greatly on your work as a real estate practitioner, therefore, we have developed strategic partnerships with the Chambers of Commerce, local governments and the Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA).

Our influence in the community is staggering both in the legislative arena and through our strategic partnerships. The voice of REALTORS® is being heard by the community and our members’ needs are being protected.

My career has been quite an adventure and it has been an honor to be a part of the growth and evolution of this Association and MLS. Our accomplishments have been great due to the leadership and vision of so many of you who have volunteered over the years.

Should you be interested, we have established a CEO search committee, comprised of REALTORS® with experience in all industry sectors—residential, commercial, property management and investments—to seek my successor. The right person for this job will have experience in non-profit management, business development but most importantly, have a creative, innovation spirit that will help the association continue its pattern of growth and achievement.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the position, please review the job posting, here.


Terry Hyde Ketchem
CEO, Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® and Multiple Listing Service

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