Broker Topics

Risk Management through Office Policy
August 31, 2016 | 9am-1pm with Dianna Brouthers

This course was especially designed for a SC Broker-In-Charge to show the risk management aspects of a well-designed office policy. Starting with the requirements of license law and finishing with “hot topics”, you will enjoy this highly interactive session. You’ll also satisfy 4 hours of elective credit towards requirements for LLR and CTAR (CEE2404).

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BIC Responsibilities
September 6, 2016 | 2pm-6pm with Dianna Brouthers

One of the major issues that is faced by a BIC on a daily basis is the responsibility for the actions of the associated licensees. The “independent” part of the independent contractor agreement often comes face to face with the reality of the BIC in the law. Learn just how far BIC responsibilities go and how to reduce risk in daily real estate practice. Also included is a quick review of office policy mandates in license law and a look at recent court cases. You’ll also earn 4 elective hours (CEE2540).

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