Commercial Topics

Commercial Brokerage Due Diligence Chaos in the Sale of Real Estate
April 18 | 10am-12pm | Commercial Instructor: Rob Nahagian
(CEE2713) 2 hour elective

This course covers due diligence involved in the purchase or sale of commercial investment real estate including environmental, physical, financial and legal considerations. Pitfalls of contingencies in the drafting of an offer will be discussed. The course material will also help attendees understand the various underwriting of bank financing and the information that a lender would require in a loan package. A take-home checklist will be included for due diligence.

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Evaluating Leasing Risk in a Corporate Tenant’s Financial Statements
April 18 | 1pm- 3pm | Commercial Instructor Rob Nahagian
(CEE2712) 2 hour elective

This course will take the attendee back to the basics and evolve to engage analytical tools of risk potential. An introduction to financial analytical ratios will be presented and attendees will dissect a tenant’s corporate balance sheet as part of this class.
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