Core Course

This is the continuing education course mandated as a condition of active license renewal, which all licensees are required to complete prior to renewal- per 2017 Real Estate License Law section *40-57-340 (A)

 3 P’s of Professionalism: Principles, Practices & Pitfalls
(CEC3025) 4 hours of CORE credit

This course meets the mandatory core requirement for continuing education from September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2020. The content and subject matter of this course cover areas of license law and practice which pose particular issues for real estate licensees in the state of South Carolina.

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June 16 | 9am – 1pm | Instructor: Judy Wolk

Exempt from the biennial continuing education required by subsection  *(A) are a:

  1. salesperson who successfully completes a post licensing course or takes a broker course is exempt for the renewal period during which the course was taken;
  2. licensee while on inactive status;
  3. nonresident broker or salesperson who has successfully satisfied the continuing education requirements in their jurisdiction of residence may be exempt with approval of the commission; or
  4. broker or salesperson with a minimum of (25)twenty five years of licensure may apply to be granted an experience-based partial continuing education waiver, and upon granting of the waiver, is required to complete only the mandatory (4) four hour core course biennially to maintain active licensure.)
  5. A broker in charge who has been granted a partial continuing education waiver is required to take the (4) four hour core course and the mandated (4) four hour broker in charge course biennially.
  6. A licensee who previously has been granted a full continuing education waiver by the commission is exempt from the continuing education requirements of this chapter.

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