Core Course

This is the continuing education course mandated as a condition of active license renewal, which all licensees are required to complete prior to renewal- per 2017 Real Estate License Law section *40-57-340 (A)


TRID Safely in a Flood of Disclosures (CEC2635)

TRID Safely in a Flood of Disclosures is the 4 hour core course from September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2018 and will provide detailed information on TILA (Truth In Lending Act)-RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) Integrated Disclosures (TRID), the SC Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement and The National Flood Insurance Program.


Course Costs:
2018 Gold Card Holders – Free
Realtor members $55 | Non-members $70



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New classes coming soon!


40-57-340 (B) Exempt from the biennial continuing education required by subsection  *(A)

are a:

  1. salesperson who successfully completes a post licensing course or takes a broker course is exempt for the renewal period during which the course was taken;
  2. licensee while on inactive status;
  3. nonresident broker or salesperson who has successfully satisfied the continuing education requirements in their jurisdiction of residence may be exempt with approval of the commission; or
  4. broker or salesperson with a minimum of (25)twenty five years of licensure may apply to be granted an experience-based partial continuing education waiver, and upon granting of the waiver, is required to complete only the mandatory (4) four hour core course biennially to maintain active licensure.
    1. A broker in charge who has been granted a partial continuing education waiver is required to take the (4) four hour core course and the mandated (4) four hour broker in charge course biennially.
    2. A licensee who previously has been granted a full continuing education waiver by the commission is exempt from the continuing education requirements of this chapter.


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