Elective Courses

2016 Elective Continuing Education Courses

Course Costs:
2016 Gold Card Holders – Free
2-hour CE Courses: Realtor members $30 | Non-members $45
4-hour CE Courses: Realtor members $55 | Non-members $70

CE courses count towards LLR license renewal or CTAR requirements


Making Winners Out of Today’s Sellers
September 6 | 9am-1pm with Dianna Brouthers
(CEE2378) 4 elective hours
Realtor members $55 | Non-members $70

This is a seller agency class designed to assist agents in meeting seller’s goals through proper pricing, merchandising, marketing and negotiating skills. Heavily video and internet based. This class teaches attendees how to bring the potential seller-client to the reality of today’s market-and to the realization that the owner is in charge of two of the three reasons properties sell: “price” and “condition”.
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Beyond the Basics of Buyer Agency
September 26 | 2-6pm with Dianna Brouthers
(CEE2178) 4 elective hours
Realtor members $55 | Non-members $70

This course focuses on making an effective buyer agency presentation designed to gain informed consent to represent the buyer. The class will assist the student in making a diligent presentation with a focus on commitment and responsibilities of the buyer client and the student will leave the class with newly-gained confidence when seeking to become a buyer agent. During the class, a brochure will be created to be used in gaining informed consent.
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SCR Contracts
October 11 | 2-6pm with Dianna Brouthers
4 Elective Hours
Realtor members $55 | Non-members $70

This course begins with an overview of basic contract law and plows through the hard issues right to ending with an overview of the latest SCR documents. Also contained is a review of the SCR listing and buyer agency agreements, lease agreements, and due diligence addendum.
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2016 Ethics Courses

The courses listed below will count towards your elective continuing education course requirements for either LLR or CTAR and will also meet the NAR ethics requirement.

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Choose Your Path (CEE1306) 4 Elective Hours
November 8, 2016 | 9am-1pm with David Jaffee
December 19, 2016| 9am-1pm with David Jaffee

Real Estate Ethics (CEE2208) 4 Elective Hours
December 20, 2016 | 9am-1pm with Tom Daniel
December 20, 2016 | 2pm-6pm with Tom Daniel

Stories of the Code (CEE2168) 4 Elective Hours
August 30, 2016 | 2pm – 6pm with Dianna Brouthers

What’s your EQ?
(CEE2082) 4 Elective Hours
September 27, 2016 | 9am-1pm with Dianna Brouthers