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2017 Elective Continuing Education Courses

Course Costs:
2017 Gold Card Holders – Free
2-hour CE Courses: Realtor members $30 | Non-members $45
4-hour CE Courses: Realtor members $55 | Non-members $70
6-hour CE Courses: Realtor members $70 | Non-members $90
CE courses count towards LLR license renewal or CTAR requirements


Real Estate Negotiation Techniques & Strategies
October 30 | 9am-1pm | Instructor: Mike Harper
(CEE2607) 4 hours elective

The modern real estate professional needs a toolbox full of non-traditional skills to thrive in a changing real estate landscape, and developing specialized skills is one option to consider. This course explores strategies that improve outcomes for all parties, resulting in smoother transactions and enhanced satisfaction from clients and customers.

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SC Real Estate Law Changes
October 30 | 2pm-4pm | Instructor: Mike Harper
(CEE2671) 2 hours of Elective

There are multiple changes to South Carolina Real Estate Licensing law (S.1013/Act.170) which affect licensees. This course will give you an overview of the changes- as well as what you need to know prior to 2018 or 2019 license renewal.

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License Law 2017
November 13 | 2pm-6pm | Instructor: Dianna Brouthers
(CEE2676) 4 hours elective credit

Learn how the license law changes which began on January 1, 2017 affect you. It took over nine years to get a new, updated license law that reflects the way you do business TODAY. As a former member of the SC Real Estate Commission, Dianna chaired the original task force charged with reviewing and re-writing the license law. This allows her to discuss the changes from both a historical and practical perspective- and only Dianna can make a license law review FUN! In this program you will learn about the new non-agency option that allows taking customers all the way to closing, new disclosures that will be required, new rules regarding offer presentations and much, much more.

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BIC Duties and Responsibilities
November 14 | 9am-1pm | Instructor: Dianna Brouthers
(CEE2676) 4 hours of elective credit

This is the four hour mandatory continuing education course BICs are required to take under new license law (starting with 2018 renewals). The course covers the Broker-In-Charge duties and responsibilities, where this is stated in current license law and possible penalties for non-compliance to the law.

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Choose Your Path 
November 14 | 2pm-6pm | Instructor: David Jaffee
(CEE1306) 4 hours of elective credit 

Determining the “right” way is not always so easy.  This course will challenge you with common dilemmas that face agents in today’s competitive market and help you make the correct decision on what action to take.

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Top Ten Ways To Be Disciplined
December 19 |10:00am-12:00pm | Instructor: David Jaffee
(CEE20) 2 hours elective credit

This course familiarizes licensees with license law, demonstrates how to use the law to determine proper behavior. Better serve the consumer, and generate fewer complaints from consumers.  The course highlights the most common causes of law violations by licensees.

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Transaction Brokerage. Am I Your Agent?
December 19 |1:00pm-3:00pm | Instructor: David Jaffee
(CEE2662) 2 hours elective credit

This course covers the essentials of transaction brokerage and explores the various representation arrangements available to consumers and agents.  Agents will learn what their duties are and what services they may offer depending on their agency or non-agency agreement.

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