Property Management

Property managers can pursue a number of different paths in the real estate field. Property managers can oversee residential or commercial rental properties for large and small-scale investors, manage apartment complexes or work with a residential or commercial brokerage.

Prerequisite for the Property Management License
– Applicant must be a high school graduate or hold a certificate of equivalency and be 18 years old.
– A background check is required

Completing the Property Management Licensing Process:
– For LLR licensing process and fees contact the SC Real Estate Commission.



Hours and Pricing
– Combined PM (OPL050004) & PMIC (OPL052672) 37 hours | $350*
– Property Manager (OPL050004) 30 hours | $275
– Property Manager-In-Charge (OPL052672) 7 hours | $120

Price includes textbook and student materials to be issued in your first class
*register and pay in full 5 business days in advance for an early bird price of $325.

Property Manager-In-Charge | This 7 hour course is available to take online through the CE Shop. Click here to be redirected to purchase


Check back for future classes.

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