MLS Training

Please Note: MLS courses are NOT approved for CE credit.

Welcome to the MLS (new agents)

This course teaches agents how to search and input listings in the MLS system. All agents/assistants/appraisers are required to take this class before using the MLS. Once the class is completed you will receive your own username and password to access the MLS.

Pre-requisites: completed MLS membership (through your broker); If you are an office assistant or a personal assistant, please indicate that in the notes section and provide your office/agent ID number.

Course Fee:  No cost

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Intro to FlexMLS (current agents)

The Intro to FlexMLS class is for current agents who are interested in hands-on training in our new residential MLS system, FlexMLS. Learn how to setup your profile, add a new listing, upload photos and more! Similar training is available via video tutorial here. More FlexMLS classes covering advanced topics coming soon!

Pre-requisites: You must have a currently active MLS ID. This class is for current agents only.

Course Fee:  No cost

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SmartCard Class

The SmartCard class, also known as the “Lockbox Smartcard class,” teaches students how to use the Sentrilock Lockbox system.

Pre-requisites: MLS membership and completion of the Basic MLS Course; you must bring the Smartcard Lease Agreement, signed by you and your Broker-In-Charge.
Download the lease agreement, here.

Course Fee: $125

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CloudCMA Course- new

A new way of doing the same old CMA. Cloud CMA is a FREE tool that will allow you to easily create an impressive presentation for your buyers or sellers in about the same time it would take to put the standard CMA together. Sign up for this class and find out how it can improve your business.

Course Fee: No Cost

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