Hurricane Dorian Update

The CTAR, CHS MLS and SCCMLS offices will remain closed through Friday. We look forward to seeing you on Monday morning! We hope everyone is staying safe during the storm!

All programs, classes and meetings have been canceled through Friday, including the CID Luncheon and Mayoral Forum on Thursday.

Governor McMaster has issued mandatory evacuations and I-26 lane reversal, including the following zones:
Charleston County Evacuation Zones A, B, C
Dorchester County Evacuation Zone D
Berkeley County Evacuation Zone B, G

Please remind your sellers to secure yard signs or information boxes that may be in their yards as they can become dangerous projectiles during the storm.

For more information on what you need to bring with you when you evacuate, and how to be best prepared for the storm, please click here.

Do mandatory evacuation orders automatically extend “business days” or other deadlines in SCR Form 310 or other pending real estate contracts?

Unless there is language in your contract that contemplates evacuation orders, the “business days” definition remain the same. Although SCR Form 310 provides for an automatic extension “for an unsatisfied contingency through no fault of either party,” the safest practice is to encourage your agents to seek extensions today to protect against any confusion or delays (whether it’s because of a contingency or not.)
Have additional questions? Call the SCR Legal Hotline at 803-772-5206, a free member benefit.Please be prepared for this unprecedentedly strong storm and get yourself and your family to safety!

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