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April 2017 Legislative Update

video transcript:
Patrick Arnold, CTAR’s Government Affairs Director, shares a quick update on politics here in the Lowcountry, in the State House and in Washington.

Let’s start in Mt. Pleasant, where council voted last week to quadruple impact fees on residential and commercial properties.

Let’s do the numbers:

  • Single family homes that were paying $1,800 in fees today will now be paying over $5,000.
  • A 7,500 square foot restaurant paying $57,000 will be paying over $200,000.
  • A 100,000 square foot shopping center paying $328,000 will be paying $1.13 million dollars.

As always, CTAR, the Chamber, and the Homebuilders Association were vocally opposed to the increases as they push development just outside of town, contributing to sprawl, and exacerbate an already serious housing affordability problem.

In the State House, two of our most important legislative agenda items, Criminal Background Checks for Real Estate Professionals and Homeowners Association Legislation, unanimously passed the House. We’d like to thank our lobbying team in Columbia for all their hard work and all of you who responded to our Calls to Action on these two issues.

In Washington, NAR is asking us to be prepared for a showdown as Congress tries to tackle tax reform. On the chopping block, the elimination of property tax deductions and a repeal of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. Please be on the lookout for any Calls to Action from our friends and NAR.

Lastly, I would like to encourage you to check out, a group helping the Town of Mt. Pleasant convert from at large elections to single member districts.

Typically, once a town becomes the size of city, it’s important to have single member districts as to not disfranchise minority voters. A lot of communities just like Mt. Pleasant have ended up in court for this as it violates the Voting Rights Act of 1965. They need just a little bit more funding in the coming weeks to help protect voters, so if please check them out at

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