Realtors and social media: Is there a disconnect?

CTAR’s MLS and IT Director, Joseph Cullom shared this infographic (created by the clever folks over at Postling) on twitter yesterday, and it really got our wheels a-turning.

While the vast majority of real estate professionals polled are using some kind of social media (84%), there’s a pretty big lag in adoption of twitter, which is a major traffic and information driver of the internet. News flash: Twitter is growing faster than facebook…so, you really need to get on the twitter train, even if you just watch at first!

Outside of the low twitter adoption rate, there was something very interesting that caught our eye.

What is the one social tool 73% of clients want their agent to use, but only 12% do?

[Jeopardy music plays] …VIDEO! YouTube videos, specifically.

This infographic tells us that 61% of agents polled aren’t giving their clients what they want on the video front…that’s a pretty big disconnect!

So, what’s the hestitation with adopting video? We doubt it has to do with cost or even with ease of use (c’mon, fess up: how many videos have you taken of your kids or your pets?) so why not with your clients? It’s cheap, easy and one of the easiest things you can add to your marketing toolbox.

Use your video skills to help you get the client, retain the client (and get that home SOLD!) and use video after the sale in the form of a testimonial starring your very happy clients. There are few things more compelling than a smiling, happy and satisfied client…that your future clients can see and hear.

Here are 3 reasons you need to start using video today:

1. Little cost, big impact
It’s free, even…your smartphone probably already has a videocamera built into it.
If not, a flipcam is the easiest, cheapest option. If you look at the virality of video and the potential return on investment (ROI), the value of all of those eyeballs on your video listing will FAR exceed what a flipcam could ever cost you.

2. You’re not producing “The Godfather”
In general, people are over glossy, highly produced videos. Even news stations are airing raw, unedited video these days. The simpler, less produced and more real your videos are, the more people will like them (and trust them!)

3. Video is best short and sweet
The best online videos are 2-4 minutes long and focus on one topic. Almost every computer you buy includes video editing software (imovie for macs, movie maker for windows) and you can even edit video from within YouTube now.

Here are some more tips on creating video from MarketingProfs.

So what are you waiting for? Get out your phone, and start practicing! Want to incorporate video into your marketing mix, but don’t want to do it yourself? There are some pretty great companies who provide (affordable!) video marketing services right here in the Charleston area.

Whether you do it, or hire someone else to, you cannot afford to miss out on the marketing benefits of video.

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