Remine puts opportunity on a map. Literally.







Remine’s mission is to connect people and property data to reveal new opportunities for real estate agents.

Remine combs through billions of data points to reveal real estate opportunities and bring data to life in a way that’s never been done before.

All the data, all in one place.

CTAR MLS subscribers will prospect better, thanks to Remine.

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Remine reveals the data you need to market smarter. Our intuitive data platform is here to help you achieve your goal of becoming a top producing agent that is better, faster, and more connected than the competition. It combines all relevant real estate data into one integrated platform that allows agents to turn new opportunities into revenue.

By connecting people and property, Remine creates opportunity – the opportunity for you to save time door knocking and make smarter, data-backed strategies so you can become the neighborhood expert.

Predictive Analytics
We use science to determine when someone is most likely to buy or sell property. Spend your time prospecting the right clients at the right time. Stay ahead with alerts on any changes to find new opportunities, backed by data.

Reconnect and Engage
We can instantly retrieve all your past transactions and reconnect you with old clients and score them based on propensity to buy or sell.

Get Actionable Intel
Our map-based search can find any property or person. Find the intel you need in Remine, then export it to engage with these new opportunities.

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