Take Action: Mt. Pleasant Tree Ordinance

Mount Pleasant is pushing a tree ordinance that will protect the pine tree. The pine is actually a hazardous tree and can be very dangerous in high winds.

Additionally, the ordinance proposes:

  • Retain a minimum of 160 inches per “developable acre” of protected trees (16 inches and greater) on new Residential Subdivisions where it exists; where it does not exist (where land is cleared/redevelopment), must plant up to 160 inches/acre.
    This means that per residential acre, new developments are required to keep or plant protected trees equaling 160”, so ten 16” trees per acre, which could not leave much room for building, depending on the location of the trees.

  • Increase the Critical Line Buffer (currently ranges in width from 15 feet to 35 feet) to 50 feet.

Please reach out to council and planning commission members (listed below) to let them know of the devastating impacts this ordinance would have—they are proposing a requirement.

The next planning commission meeting is February 21, 2018.

Review the full ordinance here.

Mt. Pleasant Town Council email them here
Bob Brimmer
Joe Bustos
Kathy Landing
Tom O’Rourke
Jim Owens
Gary Santos
G.M. Whitley

Planning Commission Members email them here
Joseph Wren, Chair
Roy Neal, Vice-chair
Peter Lehman
Alys Campaigne
Tripp Cuttino
John McNeill
Kathy Smith
Rodly Millet
DeAudre Brown Gregg

Michele Canon, Principal Planner

Questions about this ordinance or other legislative issues? Contact Josh Dix, Government Affairs Director

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