Commercial Education Week October 5-8

Ethics is a Code – commercial case studies (virtual)
October 5 | 10 – 2pm | Instructor: David Jaffee
CEE3000 | 4 Elective Hours | meets NAR Code of Ethics requirement (1/1/2019 – 12/31/2021)

This course clarifies the differences between requirements in the S.C. Code of Laws / Real Estate Practice Act and those of a Code of Ethics from a professional organization such as the National Association of REALTORS. Four commercial case studies highlight the course.


Big League Hardball: A Rental Property Workshop (virtual)
October 6 | 12pm-4pm | Instructor Tom Lundstedt
CEE3593 | 4 Elective Hours

This course is designed and will be presented in a manner to benefit the general public. The focus will be on how to reduce investment risk by being knowledgeable about issues such as rental income, operating expenses, depreciation, property management and valuation.


Exploring Commercial Finance (virtual)

October 7 | 9am-1pm | Instructor: Brian Woods
CEE3564 | 4 Elective Hours

In commercial and investment real estate, it’s vitally important the buyer either has the cash or a strong financing to have the ability to close the deal.  No money, no transaction.  The fundamentals for commercial lending are quite different than for owner-occupied residential properties.  In this course, we will explore the topics it is important you understand related to commercial and investor financing.  Learn what it takes to understand the financing aspect of your real estate deals, have good financing options for your clients and get your transactions to successfully close.


Exploring Commercial Real Estate (virtual)

October 8 | 9am-1pm | Instructor: Brian Woods
CEE3565 | 4 Elective Hours

While in many cases, your existing real estate license is what is required for you to practice commercial real estate, commercial is fundamentally different from residential real estate.  We will explore the differences and introduce you to key commercial concepts, terminology and resources designed to assist your success in commercial real estate.



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