RHOF Grant Provides Resources for Healthy Homes

2020 RHOF Grant to East Cooper Faith Network Provides New Roof for 74-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

This spring, the Realtors® Housing Opportunity Fund granted $5,000 in donations to the East Cooper Faith Network (ECFN), an organization working to serve the collective community east of the Cooper River. The grant provided the resources necessary to replace the roof on a home belonging to Mr. Coaxum, a 74-year-old cancer survivor and resident of Mount Pleasant for over 30 years.

ECFN Coordinators, Greg and Kathy Jones were able to provide more information about Mr. Coaxum and his appreciation for his new roof: “Mr. Coaxum is a delightful 74-year-old, two-time cancer survivor. He’s lived in this home on Highway 41 in Mount Pleasant for 31 years. 31 years was also the age of his leaking roof that was causing damage to his ceilings and allowing for mold growth in a few spots inside his home. The new roof was completed in late March 2020. Mr. Coaxum is very happy with his now safe and healthy home. He is very appreciative of all who contributed in some way to his new roof.”



When asked how receiving RHOF funding has helped ECFN achieve their mission, the Coordinators shared the direct impact these funds have on those in need: “At East Cooper Faith Network we strive to partner with organizations and individuals to make a positive impact in our community. Your grants have been applied to our FixIt! initiative to help those in need have safe, healthy, and accessible homes.”, the Jones’ continued. “Often people think of new low cost housing as the solution to affordable housing, but maintaining existing homes is also part of the solution. Many of the people we help cannot afford any repairs to their home and certainly not full roof replacements that run into thousands of dollars. By partnering with organizations like yours, we are able to provide safe dry homes with new roofs that will be part of the solution to affordable housing for decades.”

ECFN plans to apply RHOF’s summer grant money towards a new roof for Ms. Ethel Broderick who is wheelchair bound as a double foot amputee and suffering from interior mold due to a worn-out roof.

The Realtors® Housing Opportunity Fund is an endowed fund supporting non-profit organizations to make a positive difference in the local community. If you would like to make a direct impact on those in need in your community, you can donate to RHOF today or contact Jessie for volunteer opportunities. Every contribution helps!

Since 2003, the Realtors® Housing Opportunity Fund has granted out over $1 million dollars to local affordable housing organizations. The RHOF grant recipients of 2020 received a grand total of $49,900 in donations. These recipients include:

Berkeley Habitat for Humanity | $2,000
Charleston Habitat for Humanity | $2,000
Increasing H.O.P.E. | $3,500
East Cooper Faith Network | $8,400
Metanoia | $2,000
Operation Home | $2,000
St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Clare of Assisi | $5,000
East Cooper Community Outreach | $5,000
Humanities Foundation | $5,000
Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach Services, Inc. | $5,000
St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Clare of Assisi | $10,000

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