Support RHOF This Giving Tuesday!

This Giving Tuesday, CTAR invites you to consider supporting the Realtors®️ Housing Opportunities Fund (RHOF). You can contribute when you renew your annual Realtor®️ dues, or via the button below.

Your tax deductible gift to RHOF will be granted directly back into the community, through RHOF’s endowed fund which supports housing-related non-profit organizations throughout the Lowcountry.

The Impact of RHOF: 
This spring, RHOF was able to provide a $2,000 grant to Habitat for Humanity of Berkeley County (HFHBC). HFHBC used the grant money to complete a new family home in Moncks Corner for a single mother, who had battled back from a serious health condition, and her young son.

“I came to Habitat for assistance with living stability for my son and I. I am a single mother of one in heaven and one on earth (twins) & will finally be able to create stability for the both of us. Through life’s unfortunate events, I had a stroke at 32. I’m now in excellent health and working, but a major stress factor leading to the stroke was not having a stable home environment. Rent is just astronomical for a half decent apartment. My challenge has been finding a decent, stable place to live.








I have enjoyed gaining skillful knowledge from the construction manager and staff on techniques to preserve my home, learning what all is involved in putting a home together from bottom to closing and learning the importance of detail in knowing your house from the inside out. 

Habitat will help give me the opportunity to provide tangible legacy and stability of shelter for my son and maybe his family…. Waaaaaay down the line! But honestly, we will be in a safer place and my son at 3 years old won’t have to be concerned about gunshots at night. We can finally rest and not live as vagabonds but have a place of peace to call our own. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and room. I haven’t slept in a bed of my own in 3 years. I am going to burn my blow-up mattress and rest. My son will be able to play in his own room and enjoy exploring and growing up in a child safe environment. 

This program is not a handout but a hand up to a brighter future for my baby and I. For this I am truly grateful, honored, and humbled to have been considered for this rare opportunity. I’ll never stop volunteering or sharing with others about this great work from Habitat nor will I fail to acknowledge the kind people I meet along the way who work, donate, and serve Habitat communities and families like myself!”

Though this family was able to receive the help they needed, there is an existing and growing need across our region. HFHBC stressed that decent, adequate and affordable shelter creates a long-lasting and life-changing impact on families and communities. Lowcountry support for affordable housing through grants, low cost mortgages, tax credits, zoning, acquisition of land, family financial counseling, volunteerism, and donations of materials and supplies can make the difference for low and very low-income families.

As this family begins a new life in a new home, HFHBC is preparing to begin two new affordable home projects, one in Hanahan and one in Moncks Corner.

Consider a gift today to help more families find safe, affordable and stable housing!


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