Vote Yes on the Lowcountry Housing Fund!

A Housing Trust Fund (HTF) is a source of public revenue dedicated by ordinance or law to a district fund with the express purpose of providing affordable housing for families. There are more than 780 housing trust funds in cities, counties, and states that generate more than $1.5 billion annually for affordable housing. Regionally, Greenville, Savannah, Asheville and Charlotte all have established housing trust funds with a local, dedicated funding source. The Lowcountry Housing Fund will be a development tool to leverage public-private partnerships in the development of the new affordable housing as well as the rehabilitation of existing housing in Charleston County.

The first two questions on the upcoming Charleston Country ballot referendums have direct effect on affordable housing and the Lowcountry Housing Fund. Educate yourself on why you should vote YES to these questions – visit the Lowcountry Housing Fund website today!

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