CTAR Votes to Merge with Walterboro Board

CTAR members cast their vote to decide on a merger of CTAR and the Walterboro Board of Realtors (WBOR). 529 votes were cast and the majority vote of 95% decided on approval of the merger.

The merger will take place December 31, 2018, making us one organization effective January 1, 2019.

WBOR is the Realtor Association in Colleton County. Over a year ago, their long-time staff person retired. We are currently providing all the services WBOR requires for our members. Many WBOR members already use CTMLS. WBOR has asked to merge into our Association. This merger will not affect current CTAR dues or fees. CTAR welcomes our new Colleton County Members.

If you have questions about the merger, please contact CTAR CEO Wil Riley.

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