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One of our nation’s founding principles is the right to representation–the right to be heard.  CTAR concentrates its legislative efforts on issues and regulations directly related to the practice of real estate, homeownership and quality of life issues.

Learn more about CTAR’s legislative agenda in the CTAR Public Policy Guide.

If you’re interested in the political process, get involved with CTAR’s legislative efforts.

Legislative Group
Legislative Group is a driven group of Realtors® who meet monthly to talk about issues intersecting real estate and government. They discuss, debate and recommend positions based on Realtor® principles to the Board of Directors to be official CTAR public policy positions. They direct CTAR’s local, state and federal government affairs, political advocacy and grassroots operations.

The group typically meets the first Friday of the month at the CTAR offices. Please check the calendar for any cancellations or schedule changes.

Sign up for the Legislative Group, here.


Candidate Screening Committee
Candidate Screening Committee convenes during election time to interview candidates running for local and state offices, including city council, county council, school board and state house and senate races. They use the CTAR rating system to educate other Realtor® members as to the candidate’s thoughts and beliefs on real estate issues. The committee is centered regionally to ensure Realtors® interested in certain areas participate in the interview process.

Sign up for the Candidate Screening Committee, here.

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