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The following 3 Hour CE Elective is offered free of charge to all CTAR BICS thanks to recent NAR Safety Grant Funding. Registration is for BIC’s only.

BICS Protect RE Consumers from Cyber & Legal Threats
(CEE3467) 3 hours of elective credit | Instructor: National Instructor Craig Grant
Cost: No charge

With the increased susceptibility in the real estate industry to Cybercrimes, wire fraud, and many other scams targeting the business, it is critical that BICS and company owners learn the best methods and set a new standard of practice when caring for their clients’ sensitive information that is revealed in a real estate transaction. With the increased activity, communications, and sharing that occur on the internet and through social media, REALTORS® must educate their clients on safety precautions. This course is designed to elevate awareness, assist BICS in establishing policies and procedures, and raise the level of care offered to the consumers when we promise to protect and promote a client’s best interests.

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Broker Core Course

This is the continuing education course mandated as a condition of active license, which all Broker-In-Charge licensees are required to complete prior to renewal- per 2017 Real Estate License Law section *40-57-340 (A)

BIC Duties and Responsibilities
(CEE2679) 4 hours of elective credit

This is the four hour mandatory continuing education course BICs are required to take under new license law (starting with 2018 renewals). The course covers the Broker-In-Charge duties and responsibilities, where this is stated in current license law and possible penalties for non-compliance to the law.

CTAR Member $60 | Non Member $80 | Free with 2021 Gold Card

Choose from one of the following class dates:

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