Broker Topics

Broker Core Course

This is the continuing education course mandated as a condition of active license, which all Broker-In-Charge licensees are required to complete prior to renewal- per 2017 Real Estate License Law section *40-57-340 (A)

BIC Duties and Responsibilities
(CEE2679) 4 hours of elective credit

This is the four hour mandatory continuing education course BICs are required to take under new license law (starting with 2018 renewals). The course covers the Broker-In-Charge duties and responsibilities, where this is stated in current license law and possible penalties for non-compliance to the law.

CTAR Member $60 | Non Member $80 | Free with 2021 Gold Card

June 17 | 9am – 1pm | Instructor: David Jaffee – VIRTUAL

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