Professional Standards

CTAR is committed to holding our Realtor® members to the highest standards of ethical, professional and fair business practices.

Filing an Ethics Complaint

If you feel that the Realtor(s)® involved in your transaction did not abide by the Realtor® Code of Ethics, you may file a complaint.

The Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF Realtors® is the promise to the public that when dealing with a real estate agent that is a Realtor®, you can expect honest and ethical treatment in all transaction related matters. Only Realtors® pledge to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics and only Realtors® are held accountable for their ethical behavior. Learn more at NAR here.

Some of the basic principles of the Code of Ethics include:

      • To protect and promote the client’s interests, but be honest with all parties
      • Avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, and concealment of pertinent facts
      • Disclose present or contemplated interest in any property to all parties
      • Provide equal service to all clients and customers
      • Be knowledgeable and competent in the fields of practice in which you ordinarily engage. Obtain assistance or disclose lack of experience if necessary
      • Do not engage in the unauthorized practice of law

Ethics Complaint Packet
Click here to download.

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Even REALTORS® who are committed to high standards of conduct occasionally have honest business disputes with other professionals, clients or customers. Mediation is the best alternative to expensive, lengthy and unpredictable litigation.

Dispute Resolution Mediation Packet (earnest money disputes)
Click here to download.

Realtor v. Realtor Mediation
Contact Teena Martindale, 843.793.5202

Arbitration Packet (commission disputes)
Realtor® member arbitration form | click here to download
Non-member | click here to download

Informal Resolution Services

Ombudsman Informal Resolution | Contact Teena Martindale, 843.793.5202


Get Involved!

There are a number of ways for you to get involved with CTAR’s Professional Standards services. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on Code of Ethics changes, and increase your professionalism!

If you’re interested in serving on one of the following committees, please contact Teena Martindale.

CodePRO Study Group

CodePRO is a study group that meets several times throughout the year to review changes to the Code of Ethics for the current year, review case studies, study due process, enact mock hearings and look in depth at procuring cause, arbitration and mediation.

Pre-requisite: REALTOR® membership

Grievance Committee

The grievance committee reviews ethics complaints and arbitration requests.  The committee does not decide whether or not a violation may have occurred, only if a complaint or request is eligible to be forwarded for a hearing. Members serve 3-year terms as a pre-requisite for the Professional Standards Committee.

Prerequisites: Participation in CodeREAD; Candidate Interview

Professional Standards Committee

The professional standards committee conducts hearings in matters involving alleged ethical misconduct and/or arbitration requests.  Members serve 3-year terms.  Legal counsel reviews each Case for due process after the hearing. The Board of Directors then reviews the findings of fact for each case.

Prerequisite: One 3-year term on the Grievance Committee

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