2022 Realtor Friendly Voter Guides Are Here!

As a service to all Realtor® members, a volunteer group of your Realtor® peers takes the time each election season to interview the candidates running for office. If you’d like to participate in our candidate screening committee, please email Josh Dix. This committee is open to all Realtor® members.

These voter guides identify candidates who are pro-business, pro-public property rights and whose values closely align with Realtor® interests.

As an individual, who you vote for is YOUR business, but as Realtors® who we support impacts all of OUR business. Our number one consideration in recommending one candidate over another is the candidate’s stance on key Realtor® Issues – private property rights, highest and best use of land and of course, fair housing.

This voter guide is intended to help you identify those candidates who will be supportive of Realtor® issues and support your business.

If you have questions about the 2022 Voter Guide, the candidate screening process or how selections are made, please contact Josh Dix.

Click each image to download a PDF.


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